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index:contents, index to reference resources
library: A-K  L-Z  over 1000 books of Seafriends
magazine articles: selected magazines
environment glossary: extensive terms and concepts
geology glossary: essential knowledge of geology
units&measures: SI units, conversions, constants
periodic table: chemical elements and chemistry
abundance of elements of life: space, earth, sea, ...
geologic time table: ages & periods of Earth + maps
rock classification: volcanic, sedimentary etc.
soil classification: the world's soils, natural vegetation
soil properties: chemistry, degradation
biomes: land, soil, sea, atmosphere realms
sea water: composition, chemistry, gases, ....
time table of mankind: progress by inventions
threats: threats to environment and people
belief systems: summary of people's ingrained beliefs
science, technology & human nature: know science
storm classification: Saffir-Simpson scale
wind scale: Beaufort scale
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