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. Update June 2014: In a callous act of vandalism, the "new management team" gave most of the library books away to passing visitors, thereby effectively destroying this unique collection which was intended as a gift to future generations. About 750 books were stolen from this unique collection of 1500 books. Feel free to email them.
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Laboute, P and Y Magnier: Guide sous-marine de Nouvelle-Caledonie.1978. PACIFIC Pa10

Lamb, Derek: Collecting New Zealand sea shells (2x). 1991. SHELLS Sh/Mo32, Sh/Mo35

Lamb, Marjorie: 2 minutes a day for a greener planet. Quick and simple things Americans can do to save the earth. 1990. Harper & Row. CONSERVATION Co40

Land, A & S Powell: FORTRAN codes for mathematical programming. 1973. John Wiley. SCIENCE Sc25. Essential program codes for Simplex algorithm, non-linear programming, parametric programming and more, easily converted to other programming languages.

Landelyke Vereniging tot behoud van de Waddenzee: Waddenzee. HOLLAND Ho1

Landrin, M Armand: Monsters of the deep.1876. SEA GENERAL SG4

Lands & Surveys Dept. publications:

Lane, Ferdinand C: All about the sea.1964. SEA GENERAL SG32

Lane, Frank W: Kingdom of the Octopus.1957. LOWER ANIMALS LAn8

Langley, Andrew: The making of 'The Living Planet'.1985. ECOLOGY Ec43

Langone, John: The mystery of time. 2000. National Geographic. SCIENCE Sc22

Lapham, Lewis H: Money and Class in America. 1989 Picador. POLITICS PEP6

Laporte, Leo F: Ancient environments. 1968 Prentice-Hall. GEOLOGY Geo33

Larcher, Walter: Physiological plant ecology. 1980. Springer Verlag. ECOLOGY Ec73

Lauber, Patricia: Science book of volcanoes. 1969. CHILDRENS Ch1

Leakey, Richard E: The making of mankind.Science book of Volcanoes.1982. EVOLUTION Ev16

Lee, K E: The earthworm fauna of New Zealand. SOIL/EROSION S/E9

Leggett, Jeremy: Global warming: the Greenpeace report. 1990 Oxford. ECOLOGY Ec66

Leigh Laboratory Publications

Lekturama: Wonderen onder de waterspiegel. (Dutch).SEA GENERAL SG27

Lellak, Jan & Alena Cepicka: Shells of Britain and Europe. 1975 Hamlyn. SHELLS Sh/Mo4 box 1

Lemay, Michele H and Lynne Zeitlin Hale: Coastal resources management.1989Kumarian. CONSERVATION Co6

Lessiter, Mavis: Buterflies (Discover NZ series). 1989. INSECTS I/B??
Lessiter, Mavis: Interesting insects. 1999. INSECTS I/B7

Levin, Simon: Fragile dominion . complexity and the commons. 2000. Perseus Publ. ECOLOGY Ec132

Levy,E.Bruce: Grasslands of NZ.1955. AGRICULTURE Ag7

Life: see Time-Life

Lilly, John C: Lilly on dolphins - humans of the sea, Man and dolphin, The mind of the dolphin. 1975. Anchor Books. SEA MAMMALS Ma23
Lilly, John C: Communication between man and dolphin. 1987. Julian Press. SEA MAMMALS Ma40.

Lindsay, David: A guide to scientific writing. 1995. Addison Wesley. SCIENCE Sc39

Lippman, John: Deeper into diving.1990. DIVE MEDICINE DM9

Livingston, Robert J: Eutrophication processes in coastal systems. 2001. CRC Press. PLANKTON Pl9. A long time series of plankton studies in the Gulf of Mexico and its embayments. Full of actual data but short on theory.

Lockley, R M: The seals and the Curragh (The Grey seal of the N-Atlantic). SEA MAMMALS Ma34

Loftas, Tony: The Last Resource: Man's exploitation of the Oceans.1972. CONSERVATION Co3

Long, John A: The rise of fishes, 500 million years of evolution. 1995. UNSW Press. EVOLUTION Ev??

Lorenz, Konrad:

Love, Milton: Probably more than you want to know about the fishes of the Pacific coast.- a humorous guide to Pacific fishes.1996. Really Big Press, Santa Barbara. PACIFIC Pa8

Lovelock, James E

Lovins, Amory B & John H Price: Non-nuclear futures. The case for an ethical energy strategy. 1975. Ballinger Publ. ECOLOGY Ec96

Lucas, Alan: Barrier reef rendezvous. TRAVEL Tr30

Lucas, Jeremy: Whale.1981. SEA MAMMALS Ma25

Lucas, Joseph and Pamela Critch: Life in the Oceans.1974. SEA GENERAL SG9

Lutschinger, Sigrid: Marine fauna of NZ: Chaetognatha (Arrow worms). 1993 NIWA. LOWER ANIMALS LAn17

Mabbett, H: The rock and the sky, the story of Rodney County.1977. NZ GENERAL NZG24

McAlester, A. Lee: The history of life. 1977.165p. Prentice-Hall. EVOLUTION Ev44. A well-documented introduction to the origins and history of life.
McAlester, A Lee: The history of life. 1968. Prentice-Hall. EVOLUTION Ev41.

MacArthur, Robert & Joseph Connell: The Biology of populations.1966. ECOLOGY Ec69

McBurney, C B M: The stone age of Northern Africa. 1960. Penguin Books. EVOLUTION Ev37. An outline of prehistoric discoveries in Northern Africa from the southern margins of the Sahara to the Mediterranean coast, covering the period from the earliest traces of human activity to the end of the stone age.

McClane, A J: Field guide to Saltwater fishes of North America 1974. Holt, Rinehart & Wilson, New York. AMERICAS Am2

McCullough, John Herries: A million miles in sail. (about captain C C Dixon) TRAVEL Tr25

McDonald, Geoff: Shadows over New Zealand. Defence, land rights and multiculturalism. 1986. POLITICS PEP54
McDonald, Geoff: The Kiwis fight back. 1986. McDonald. POLITICS PEP53

Macdonald Illustrated Library:

MacDonald, K: The underwater book 1968. DIVE HISTORY DH12

McDowall, R M:

Mc Farland, William et al: Vertebrate Life. 2nd ed. Collier McMillan Intnl. 630p. BIOLOGY Bio14. An extensive text book on vertebrate biology.

McGinn, Anne Platt: See Worldwatch.

McGovern, Ann: The underwater world of the coral reef. CHILDRENS Ch1

McGregor, Malcolm: A day in the life of NZ (a picture book), (1983,1986) NZ GENERAL NZG31

McIndoe, John: An introduction to canoeing in NZ.1976. OUTDOOR OA3

MacIntyre, David & Field, Michael: Cook's wild strait. NZ GENERAL NZG22

MacKean, D G: Introduction to Biology.1966. BIOLOGY Bio31

McKenna, N C & Jacobs, Warren (photogr): Discover Northland. 1993. NZ GENERAL NZG5

McKibben, Bill:

Malcolm McKinnon (Ed): New Zealand Historical Atlas. 1997. Bateman. NZ GENERAL  NZG32

MacLean, Alistair: Captain Cook.1972. TRAVEL Tr9

McLoughlin, David: The undeveloping nation, NZ's twenty year fall towards the third world. 1992. Penguin. POLITICS PEP29

McMichael, D F: Shells of the Australian seashore (Jacaranda pocket book). 1965. Jacaranda Presss. SHELLS Sh/Mo34

MacMillan Company: The atlas of world wildlife. (various editors) 1973. MacMillan Austr. GENERAL GI7

McMillan, Dawn: Sea secrets. CHILDRENS Ch2

McMinn, Howard E and Evelyn Maino: Pacific coast trees.1969. AMERICA Am3

McNeill, J R: Something new under the sun. 2000. ECOLOGY Ec111

Maddock, Shirley & Don Whyte: Islands of the Gulf.1976. NZ GENERAL NZG17

Maddox, John: What remains to be discovered. 1998 Simon & Schuster. SCIENCE Sc21. "Mapping the secrets of the universe, the origins of life, and the future of the human race"

MAF: see Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Magnus-Hannaford, R G: Selling and salesmanship. 1971. Pan Books. ECONOMY PEP51

Mallan, Lloyd: Secrets of the sea.1965. SEA GENERAL SG8

Mander, Jerry & Edward Goldsmith (eds): The case against the global economy, and for a turn toward the local. 1996. Sierra Club Books. POLITICS PEP68

Marco Polo: Marco Polo's travels. TRAVEL Tr14

Marcante, Duilio & John Neuschwander: Dit is sportduiken (Dutch).1976. DIVE INSTRUCTION DI4

Mariner, Tom: Rivers (Earth in action series). CHILDRENS Ch6
  Oceans. CHILDRENS Ch7

Maritime Safety Authority publications:

Marples, B J: Introduction to Freshwater life in NZ.1962. NZ FISH NZF20

Marsh, Sid: Diver's tales.1991. DIVE HISTORY DH13

Marsh, William M: Earthscape, a physical geography. 1987. John Wiley. GEOLOGY Ge36

Marshall, Frank: Bait for saltwater fishing. 1975. Angus & Robertson. FISHING 30

Marshall, Janet et al.:

Martin, Hans-Peter & Harald Schumann: The global trap: globalisation and the assault on prosperity and democracy. 1997. Zed books, Pluto Press Australia. ECONOMY PEP78.

Martin, Richard and Alice: F. Science book 1 & 2. CHILDRENS Ch7, Ch8

Marx, Karl: CAPITAL: a critique of political economy. 1906. Random House. ECONOMY PEP80. The complete, authorized text of the all-important volume one of Marx's great work, translated by Samuel Moore and Edward Aveling, and edited by Frederick Engels.

Masters, David: Divers in deep seas, more romances of salvage (1938). DIVE HISTORY DH5

Masuda H et al: The fishes of the Japanese Archipelago.(2 vols).1984. JAPAN Ja1, Ja2

Matthews, Graeme & S Natusch: The edge of the land, the coastline of NZ.1989. NZ GENERAL NZG12

Matthews, L J (MAF): Weed control by chemical methods.1975. SOIL/EROSION S/E1

Matthewson, Robert: Birds. CHILDRENS Ch3

Maxwell, Gavin: Ring of bright water.1961. NOVEL Nov2

May, John: The Greenpeace book of dolphins. 1990. Random Century. SEA MAMMALS Ma37
May, John: The Greenpeace book of Antarctica. 1988 Darling Kindersley. ANTARCTICA At2
May, John et al: Curious facts. An avalanche of the irrelevant, guaranteed to surprise, bewilder, intrigue and entertain. 1981. Clanose Publ. SCIENCE Sc41

Mayhill, R D & Fullard, H: School certificate atlas for NZ. 1970. REFERENCE Ref??

Maynard Smith, John: The theory of evolution. 196?. Pelican Books. EVOLUTION Ev26

Mayr, Helmut: Collins photo guide to fossils. 1985. Harper Collins. GEOLOGY Geo19

Meadows, Donella H & DennisL Meadows, Joergen Randers: Beyond the limits - global collapse or a sustainable future? 1992. Earthscan Publ. ECOLOGY Ec63

Meinel, Aden and Marjorie: Sunsets, Twilights and Evening Skies.1983. WEATHER C/W4

Mellanby, Kenneth: Pesticides and Pollution.1967. CONSERVATION Co4

Melvin, A Gordon: Seashell parade: fascinating facts, pictures...1973. SHELLS/MOLLUSCS Sh/Mo7 box 1

Merlo, Robert.: Argentina Inedita.1985. AMERICAS Am1

MESA, Marine Education Society of Australasia: Undercurrents, newsletter.

Metcalf, Lawrie: The propagation of NZ native plants. 1997. NZ PLANTS NZP3

Mielche, Hakon: Journey to the world's end.1945. TRAVEL Tr2

Miller, David: Native Insects. Nature in NZ series.1970. INSECTS I/B4, I/B8

Miller, G Tyler: Living in the environment, principles, connections and solutions. 1996. Wadsworth Publ. ECOLOGY Ec139

Miller, Michael and Gary Batt: (2) Reef and Beach life of NZ.1973. SEA SHORE SSh13, SSh16

Miller, Robert C: The Sea.1966. SEA GENERAL SG36

Milne, Lorus and Margery

Milner, Richard: The encyclopedia of evolution. Humanity's search for its origins. 1990. Facts On File Ltd. EVOLUTION Ev34

Ministry Of Education (MoE)

Ministry for the Environment (MfE) publications Ministry of Fisheries publications (also MAF) Ministry Of Transport publications Mobil NZ Nature Series, see the author's name: Moehres, F P: Wereld onder water (Mediterranean Sea, Dutch).1964. MEDITERRANEAN Me1

Moir, Anne & David Jessel: Brain sex, the real difference between men & women.1989,1991. Delta Book, Dell Publ. New York. BIOLOGY Bi47. The real difference between men and women and all the variants of sexual orientation comes from the amount of testosterone the foetus experiences from the uterus till later in life. A must-read.

Moffatt, Bob:

Molloy, Les: The living mantle: soils in the New Zealand landscape. 1998. SOIL/EROSION S/E18

Molony, Eileen: Portraits of Islands. (The British Isles).1951. GR BRITAIN GB7

Montgomery, Carla W. Environmental Geology. 5th ed. 1997. 546p. Mc Graw-Hill. GEOLOGY Geo10. A most amazing and complete textbook of geology from an environmental perspective. Rock formation, erosion, resources, fossil fuels, waste disposal, pollution, environmental law, land-use planning, and much more.

Moody, Richard: The fossil world. 1977. Hamlyn Publ. EVOLUTION Ev33.

Moon, Geoff

Mooney, Pat Roy: Seeds of the Earth, a public or private resource? 1979. Inter-pares. 126p. POLITICS PEP14

Moore, David M, ed: Green Planet - the story of plant life on Earth. 1982.290p. Cambridge Univ Press. ECOLOGY Ec45. A comprehensive and beautiful account of plant evolution and ecology.

Moore, Hillary B: Marine Ecology.1966.5th ed.ECOLOGY Ec37

Moore, S C: A photographic guide to the freshwater invertebrates of NZ. 1997 Otago Regional Council. LOWER ANIMALS NZF25

Moore, W G: The Penguin dictionary of geography. 1979. Penguin.GEOGRAPHY Gg??

Morine, John F: NZ at the crisis point. What must be done now to avert disaster. 1977. John Morine. ECONOMY PEP43

Morris, Desmond (and Ramona):

Morris, Ian: An introduction to the algae. 1977. Hutchinson Univ Press. 190p. SEA PLANTS SPL3

Morrison, Crosbie: (2) Nature talks to New Zealanders.1961. NZ NAT HIST NZN9, NZN10

Morrison, Reg: The spirit in the gene. 1999. Comstock Publ Assoc. EVOLUTION Ev53

Morton, John:

Moss, Hillary: The technologic trap. 1981-84, 1989. Moss. PHILOSOPHY PEP33, PEP34, PEP35
Moss, Hilary: The technology trap.1989. Moana Press.

MOT, see Ministry Of Transport

Mott, Graham: Accounting for non-accountants. 1984. Pan Books. ECONOMY PEP44.

Mowat, Farley: A whale for the killing. 1974. Quartet Books. SEA MAMMALS Ma28

Muckelroy, Keith: Archaeology under water, an atlas of the worlds submerged sites.1980. ARCHAEOLOGY Ar1

Muir's: Muir's historical atlas, ancient and classical.1976. GEOGRAPHY Gg1 Box 1

Muldoon, Robert D: The New Zealand economy; a personal view. 1985. Endeavour Press. POLITICS PEP42
Muldoon, Robert D: Robert Muldoon, Number 38.1986. Reed Methuen. POLITICS PEP52

Mungal, Constance & Digby J McLaren: Planet under stress, the challenge of global change (1990). ECOLOGY Ec62

Murphy, Matt & Susan (eds): Ireland's marine life, a world of beauty. 1992. Sherkin Island Marine Publ. GR BRITAIN GB9

Muus, Bent J: Zeevissen gids (Dutch, North Sea).1964. NORTH SEA NS4
Muus, Bent J & Dahlstrom, Preben: Collins guide to the freshwater fishes of Britain and Europe. 1971. Collins. GREAT BRITAIN GB11. 130 species in colour.

Myers, Norman:

Nader, Jonar C: How to lose friends and infuriate people. A controversial book for thinkers. 1999. Plutonium. BEHAVIOUR Be??. True leadership is not what is thought to be.

Naglschmid, Stephanie: Tauchbasen Der Welt. (Address book for Divers).1992.DIVING GENERAL DG2

Naisbitt, John: Megatrends, ten new directions transforming our lives. 1984. Macdonald & Co. POLITICS PEP71

National Geographics publications:

National Museum of NZ publications:

National Parks publications: National Research Council publications: Priorities for coastal ecosystem science. 1994 National
NRC National Research Council: Marine protected areas: tools for sustaining ocean ecosystems. 2001. Nat Acad Press. CONSERVATION Co79. A complete overview of the present thinking about marine reserves but single-sided, not considering other conservation measures from education through resource management and fisheries regulations. It recommends that networks of protected marine reserves are the only solution to the predicament of our seas.

Natura (Monthly journal of Koninklijke Nederlandse Natuurhistorische Vereniging): Oosterschelde nummer.1980. HOLLAND Ho6

The Nature Conservancy publications:
    Katrina Brandon, K H Redford, S E Sandersen. Parks in Peril, people, politics and protected areas. 1998. Island Press. CONSERVATION Co55

Nature Conservation Council: The Red Data Book of NZ.1981. CONSERVATION Co43

Nature in NZ series:

Natush, Sheila: Animals of New Zealand. NZ NAT HIST NZN11

Navy (USA): U S Navy diving manual 1970. DIVE INSTRUCTION DI15

Nelson & sons, London: Monsters of the deep and curiosities of ocean life (1876). See Landrin. SEA GENERAL SG4

Nettman, Michael: A skippers logbook.1985. BOATING Bo??

Newbolt, Henry: The book of the blue sea (1919). TRAVEL Tr12

Newell, G E and R C: Marine Plankton, a practical guide.1963. PLANKTON PL5

NZ Canoeing Ass: An introduction to canoeing in NZ. OUTDOOR OA3

NZ Conservation Authority: Marine Conservation and Wildlife Protection.1992. CONSERVATION Co19

NZ Fishing Industry Board, see Fishing Industry
NZ Forest Service see Forest Service
NZ Government, see Ministry of ..
NZ Oceanographic Institute Publications: (see NIWA)
NZ Underwater Association. NZUA

Nicholas, J L: Narrative of voyage to New Zealand (1 & 2). TRAVEL Tr33, Tr11

Nienhuis, Dr P H: Het Grevelingenmeer.(Dutch).1986. HOLLAND Ho7

NIWA publications (contains also NZ Oceanographic Inst NZOI and Dept Of Scientific & Industrial Research DSIR):

NMEA, National Marine Educators Association: CURRENT, the journal of marine education

NOB Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond

Nolan, Tony: Bush Lore.1964. OUTDOOR OA2 box 2

Norris, Kenneth S: The porpoise watcher, a naturalist's experiences wiwth porpoises and whales. 1976. John Murray. SEA MAMMALS Ma32

Norton, Trevor: Stars beneath the sea, the pioneers of diving. 2000. Carroll & Graf New York. DIVE HISTORY DH 24

Novitz, David & Bill Willmott, ed: New Zealand in crisis, a debate about today's critical issues. 1992. GP Publications. POLITICS PEP4

NRC see National Research Council.

Nybakken, James W:(2) Marine Biology. 1988 Harper Collins. BIOLOGY Bio8ab

O'Connor, Maeve and F. Peter Woodford: Writing scientific papers in English. 1975. Elsevier. SCIENCE Sc43

Odum, Eugene P: Fundamentals of ecology. 1971. W B Saunders Co. ECOLOGY Ec86

Oliver, Rupert & Bernard Long: Whales and giants of the sea.1989. CHILDRENS Ch17

O'Neil, Viking: Explore Australia. 1991 Penguin. AUSTRALIA Au8

Orbis Publishing: Life in the Oceans (world of wildlife).1975. SEA GENERAL SG24

Orange, Claudia: The Treaty of Waitangi.1987. Allen & Unwin. POLITICS PEP46. A well-documented pro-Maori interpretation of the Treaty.

Ornstein, Robert and Paul Ehrlich: New World, new mind. Changing the way we think about our future. 1989. Methuen London. POLITICS PEP10

O'Rorke, Brian and David Beggs: Places to explore: a series of area studies.1968. EDUCATION Ed??

Owen, William:

Oxford Scientific films: (Parks, Peter) Underwater life, the world you never see.1976. PLANKTON PL1

PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Palmer, R E & A H Taylor: Financial planning and control. 1969. Pan Books. ECONOMY PEP40.

Parish, Steve: Photographing Australia's Great Barrier Reef.1995. AUSTRALIA Au6

Parker, T J & W A Haswell: A textbook of zoology.(2 vols).1964. BIOLOGY Bio25, Bio26

Parrott, Arthur W:

Patai, Raphael: Myth and modern man, a new understanding of our times through an analysis of unsuspected mythic motivations in our values, goals, choices, fears and anxieties. 1972. Prentice-Hall. PHILOSOPHY PEP73

Patterson, Walter C: Nuclear Power.1976. ECOLOGY Ec94
Patterson, Walter C: The plutonium business, and the spread of the bomb. A devastating exposee of industrial megalomania.1984. Paladin Books. SCIENCE Sc33

Paul, Larry and John Moreland: Handbook of NZ Marine Fishes.1993. NZ FISH NZF8
Paul, Larry: Marine fishes of NZ 1 and 2. See Mobil NZ Nature series NZF3, NZF4
Paul, Larry: New Zealand fishes, identification, natural history & fisheries. 2000. Reed Books. NZ FISH NZF32.

Paulin, Chris et al.:

Pearce, David & Anil Markandya & Edward B Barbier: Blueprint for a green economy.1990. Earthscan Publ. ECONOMY PEP7

Pearce, Fred: Turning up the Heat.1989. ECOLOGY Ec18
Pearce, Fred: Acid rain: what is it and what is it doing to us? 1987. Penguin Books. ECOLOGY Ec118

Pearce, G L: The story of NZ volcanoes.1977. GEOGRAPHY Gg4

Pearson, R H: A seal flies by.1959. SEA MAMMALS Ma26

Pendergast, J G and D R Cowley: (2) Fresh water Insects of NZ.1966. INSECTS I/B1

Penniket, J R & G Moon: New Zealand shells in colour. 1970. SHELLS Sh/Mo38

Perrine, Doug: Sharks.1995. Colin Baxter Photography. SEA GENERAL SG38

Petchell, M J & Joy R Hill: Six Bio.(High School Biology).1977. BIOLOGY Bio23

Peters, R H: A critique for ecology. 1991. Camb Univ Press. ECOLOGY Ec147. An important work to gain a better understanding of Ecology. You learn more than from any other ecology text.

Petersen, Kai: Prehistorische dieren. (Prehistoric animals) Dutch.1967. SEA GENERAL SG40

Petron, Christian & J B Lozet: The Guinness guide to underwater life. 1975. SEA GENERAL SG23

Pick, Christopher: The young scientist book of the undersea. CHILDRENS Ch4

Pinker, Steven: How the mind works. 1997. Norton&Co. BEHAVIOUR Be27

Phillipson, John: Ecological energetics.1979. Edward Arnold. ECOLOGY Ec107

Pickmere, A H: Pickmere atlas of Northland's east coast. (1987). BOATING Bo21

Pilkey, Orrin & Katharine L Dixon: The Corps and the shore.1996. Island press. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc27

Pinet, Paul R: Oceanography - an introduction to the Planet Oceanus. 1992. West Publ Co. OCEANOGRAPHY Oc16

Polanyi, Karl: The great transformation. The political and economic origins of our time. 1944,1957,2001. Beacon Press. PHILOSOPHY PEP64

Pollard, Jack: Australian and New Zealand fishing.1969. FISHING Fi6

Ponting, Clive: A green history of the world - the environment and the collapse of great civilizations. 1991 Penguin Books. ECOLOGY Ec23

Ponting, Herbert G: The Great White South: with Scott in the Antarctic.1922.1947. TRAVEL Tr46

Pool, Robert: The new sexual revolution. 1993. Hodder & Stoughton. BIOLOGY Bi53

Pope, Diana and Jeremy: The MOBIL illustrated Guide to NZ.1982. NZ GENERAL NZG8

Porteus, Andrew: Dictionary of environmental science & technology. 1991.Open Univ Press. ECOLOGY Ec125

Porteus, Stanley: The restless voyage (1806-1812). TRAVEL Tr13

Potton, Craig: Nature watch New Zealand. How to experience NZ's wildlife. 1995. Craig Potton's Publishing. NZ NATURAL HISTORY NZN7

Powell, A W B

Powell, Neil Andrew: Polyzoa (bryozoa) - Ascophora - from North New Zealand. 1967. National Museum of Canada discovery report vol 34, pp 199-394. LOWER ANIMALS LAn20

Power, Allan: The Great Barrier Reef.1974. PACIFIC Pa2

Power, Elaine: Small birds of the NZ bush.1970. BIRDS Bird3

Pownall, Glen: Shell Craft.1975. SHELLS Sh/Mo22

Pratkanis, Anthony R & Elliot Aronson: Age of propaganda. The everyday use and abuse of persuasion. 1992, 2000. Freeman&Co. POLITICS PEP62

Prigogine, Ilya & Isabelle Stengers: Order out of Chaos.1985 Flamingo.SCIENCE Sc7

Prud'homme van Reine, Dr W J: Wat vind ik in sloot en plas?.(DUTCH).1969. HOLLAND Ho9

Putman, J L: Isotopes. 1965. Pelican Original. SCIENCE Sc37

Quincey, Colin: Tasman trespasser (rowing across the Tasman Sea).1977. TRAVEL Tr35

Quantum Books: Rocks and minerals. 1998. 64p. Grange Books. GEOLOGY Geo23

Railo, Willi: Willing to win. 1986. Amas Export. BEHAVIOUR Be26

Ralling, Christopher: The voyage of Charles Darwin; his autobiographical writings. 1978. BBC. EVOLUTION Ev58

Rand, Ayn: The new left: the anti-industrial revolution. 1968-1971. Signet books. POLITICS PEP24

Randall, John E: Caribbean reef fishes. 1968. TFH Publ. PPACIFIC/TROPICS P/T13

Rattray Taylor, Gordon:

Ray, Dixy Lee & Lou Guzzo: Trashing the planet. How science can help us deal with acid rain, depletion of ozone and nuclear waste. 1990. Regnery Gateway. ECOLOGY Ec99

Reader's Digest

Reader's Digest. Talbot, Frank & Roger Steene (photo): R D book of the Great Barrier Reef. 1984. Reader's Digest. PACIFIC/TROPICS P/T14. Informative, extensive and beautifully illustrated.

Rebikoff, Dimitri & Paul Cherney: Underwater Photography. 1975. Amphoto Am Photographic Book Publ. DIVE PHOTOGRAPHY DP19.

Reed, A H

Reed, A W: Legends of Rotorua and the hot lakes.1958. NZ GENERAL NZG15

Regester, Michael: Crisis Management. How to turn a crisis into an opportunity.1987. Hutchinson Business. ECONOMY PEP45

Reineck, Hans-Erich (ed): Das watt: ablagerungs- und lebensraum.(German) 1970. Verlag Waldeman Kramer. ECOLOGY Ec29. Ecology, chemistry, hydrology, geology, biology and fauna of the intertidal mud- and sand flats in northern Germany.

Relph, David, Ron Pedder, Larry DeLacey: Life Science, a textbook for senior biology. 1992(6th). BIOLOGY Bio30

Research & Educ Associates, Dr M Fogiel: The biology problem solver. 1986. Res Educ Assoc. BIOLOGY 46. A kind of text book arranged around questions with elaborate answers.

Restak, Richard: Mysteries of the mind. 2000. National Geographic. SCIENCE Sc23

Rhodes, Frank HT & Herbert S Zim & Paul R Shaffer: Fossils, a guide to prehistoric life. 1969. Paul Hamlyn. EVOLUTION Ev31
Rhodes, Frank HT: The evolution of life. 1963. Penguin Books. EVOLUTION Ev28

Ricard, Matthieu: The mystery of animal migration.1971. BEHAVIOUR Be3

Rickleffs, Robert E: The economy of nature. 1993. Freeman. ECOLOGY Ec129

Ridout, Ronald: Frogs. CHILDRENS Ch18

Riedl, Prof Dr Rupert: Fauna und Flora der Adria (Mediterranean Sea).1970. MEDITERRANEAN Me2

Rienits, Rex and Thea: The voyages of captain Cook.1968. TRAVEL Tr19

Rienow, Robert & Leona Train Rienow: Moment in the sun. 1965 Christian Science. ECOLOGY Ec??

Rifkin, Jeremy: Entropy: Into the Greenhouse World.1989 Bantam. ECOLOGY 27

Ring, Ken: Predicting the weather by the moon. 2000. Hazard Press. CLIMATE/WEATHER C/W12

Rippon, Peter: The NZ diver's handbook.1989. DIVE INSTRUCTION DI??

Robb, Joan: (2) New Zealand amphibians and reptiles.1986. REPTILES Re2, Re3

Roberts, Callum M & Julie P Hawkins: Fully protected marine reserves: a guide. 2000. WWF. CONSERVATION Co77

Robertson, R B: Of whales and men.1956. FISHING Fi21

Robie, David: Eyes of fire, the last voyage of the Rainbow Warrior.1986. NZ GENERAL NZG14 Box 1

Robinson, Arthur H: Elements of cartography. 5th ed. 1984. John Wiley & Sons. 540p. GEOGRAPHY Gg2. Everything about cartography. Box 1

Robinson, Douglas E et al.: New Zealand biology textbook Vol 2.1971. BIOLOGY Bio12

Robson, Frank:

Rolex Awards: Spirit of enterprise. The 1993 Rolex awards. 1993. Buri International. CONSERVATION Co68

Romer, A S: Man and the vertebrates (1&2).1960. BIOLOGY Bio4, Bio5
Romer, A S: Man and the vertebrates: volumes 1 and 2. 1963. Pelikan Books. BIOLOGY Bio32, Bio33

Rondiere, Pierre: Water.1971. Collins Publ/ Franklin Watts. ECOLOGY Ec100

Ross, Bob: (2) Australia & NZ complete book of boating.1972. BOATING Bo1ab

Rotman, Jeffrey L & Barry W Allen: Beneath cold seas: exploring cold temperate waters of North America. 1983. Van Nostrand Reinhold. AMERICAS Am4

Round, David: Truth or treaty? Commonsense questions about the Treaty of Waitangi. 1998. Canterbury Univ Press. POLITICS PEP18

Rowe, Richard J: The Dragonflies of NZ.1987. INSECTS I/B3

Rowe, Rosamond: Feet upon a rock (Horace the dolphin).1981. SEA MAMMALS Ma12

Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society (Inc.) publications see Forest and Bird

Royal Society Of NZ Publications

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