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Marine organisms, Conservation, Biology, Ecology, Evolution, Global threats, Geology, History.



Dive New Zealand (tabloid)
Dive New Zealand is the local and only divers' magazine, devoted mainly to diving activities, dive sites, dive equipment, training, news, travelling and advertising. The articles listed here, thought to be helpful to this web site, have been culled from its many pages.

No 1. Dec/Jan 1991
The Kermadec marine reserve. Paul Irving. p5
Control of spawning behaviour in fish. Ned Pankhurst. p16
No 2. Feb/Mar 1991
No 3. Apr/May 1991
Saving our seafood. Anne Grace. p16
No 4. June/July 1991
No 5. Aug/Sep 1991
Packhorse movement. p16
Fish age, growth and exploitation. Ned Pankhurst. p16
No 6. Oct/Nov 1991
Mayor (Tuhua) Island marine reserve protection proposals. DoC. p17
Fish stress and spawning. Ned Pankhurst. p17
How do they do it? Nitrogen levels in the Weddell Seal diving under the antarctic ice. Richard L Elliott. p23
Salvage law on the NZ coast. Piers Davies. p36
No 7. Dec/Jan 1992
The Coromandel's alluring Tairua. Tairua-Pauanui the diving jewels of the Coromandel. Diving the Alderman Islands. Roger Grace. p29-31
Tenacious, Territorial but tame: the Hooker Sealion. Dr simon Mitchell. p36
Salvage law on the NZ coast. Piers Davies. p41
No 8. Feb/Mar 1992
The unique Kermadecs. Raoul Island. Mark Herman. p25
No 9. Apr/May 1992
No 10. June/July 1992
Scallop spawning dynamics. Dr Ned Pankhurst. p16
No 11. Aug/Sept 1992
Fish vision. Dr Ned Pankhurst. p17
The sinking of the Rainbow Warrior. Derek D Grzelewski. p26
No 12. Oct/Nov 1992
Nugget Point marine reserve proposal. DoC p20
Mangrove underwater adventure. Daryl Torckler. p28
No 13. Dec/Jan 1993
Zooplankton cycles. The Chilean Oyster. Dr Ned Pankhurst. p12
Gigantic blooms of marine algae. Colin Melrose Padi. p15
Stranding (Pilot whales) Jim E Lilley. p25
Scallop dredging: its future? Freelife. p27
Ciguatera poisoning. p28
The disappearing fish act. Dr Floor Anthoni p31
No 14. Feb/Mar 1993
No 15. Apr/May 1993
Fish eggs and ferility. Dr Ned Pankhurst. p17
Salvage law on the NZ coast. Piers Davies. p18
No 16. June/July 1993
The crystalline waters of Pupu springs. Gerard Hindmarsh. p10
Shark mating - a mere nibble away. Craig Worthington. p22
No 17. Aug/Sept 1993
Kelp die-back in north-east New Zealand. Dr R C Babcock. p14
Batfish, rubyfish. Craig Worthington. p15
No 18. Oct/Nov 1993
Bivalve balloonists. (pipi). Dr Russ Babcock. p17
Hapuku, serranids, groupers. Craig Worthington p18
Killer co-op back for seconds (orca) Sid Marsh. p42
Wolves of the sea, the killer whales of the Crozet Islands. David Parer and Elizabeth Parer-Cook
No 19. Dec/Jan 1994
Of Kelly and subtropical cycles of fish. Craig Worthington. p19
White shark aat Leigh. Clinton Duffy. p19
How happy are captive fish? Dr Ned Pankhurst. p21
Corkscrew or Zigzag, who was that whale? Ingrid Visser. p23
No 20. Feb/Mar 1994
Netting of white sharks - Stewart Island. Clinton Duffy. p15
Shark atack and the International shark attack file. George H Burgess. p14
The trouble with freshwater fish. Craig Worthington. p19
Marine resource management. Dr Ned Pankhurst. p20
Whale stranding reports. (pilot whales0 Jim Lilley. p22
Te Whanganui a Hei marine reserve. Peter Carter. p46
No 21. Apr/May 1994
Threa to plankton-feeding fishes. Wade doak. p21
No 22. June/July 1994
Crayfish excursions. Russ Babcock. p23
Whale strandings. Terry James Project Jonah. p23
No 23. Aug/Sep 1994
marine reserves: past, present and future. Dr Bill Ballantine. p15
Giant salp, the inner space ship. Wade doak. p19
Coral reefs in trouble. roger Grace. p20
Scallops - ground for concern? Mark Morrison. p21
Groupers, mottled and striped. Craig Worthington. p27
No 24. Oct/Nov 1994
Seaweed epifauna. Richard Taylor. p21
Noises Reefs long slow recovery. Roger Grace. p24
Springtime: the rays return. Wade Doak. p26
No 25. Dec/Jan 1995
Undersea sex. Dr Russ Babcock. p21
Sandagers wrasse, red pigfish, scorpionfish, mirrors & video for observing fish behaviour. Wade Doak. p29
No 26. Feb/Mar 1995
Wilderness diving Fiordland. Dave Moran. p40
No 28. June/July 1995
Undersea Asian invasion, the mud mussel. Simon Hooker and Bob Creese. p20
Night in a fish harem. Wade doak. p26
Diving Antarctica. Craig Thorburn. p27
No 29. Aug/Sep 1995
The Poor Knights ocean gateway. Wade doak. p15
Know your sharks. Craig thorburn. p17
Hectors dolphin deaths. Jim Lilley. p18
Can a marine reserve exist in the middle of a city (Wellington)? Betsie Taylor. Project AWARE. p21
Valuable seaweeds. (heat resistant agar) Dr Bob Creese. p22
No 30. Oct/Nov 1995
Parore, the long distance travellers among reef fishes. M A Morrison. p22
No 31. Dec/Jan 1996
The giant staircase - Landing Bay. Wade Doak. p22
Records and wrasse (rainbow wrasse and others). Craig Worthington. p23
Kermadec corals threatened by starfish? Dr Russ Babcock. p24
Centre Bank, Tauranga Harbour biological research. Penelope Hull. p25
Awesome Orcas. Ingrid Visser. p27
Whale stranding (Minke Whale) Sheryl Gibney. Project Jonah. p29
No 32. Feb/Mar 1996
Diving in sea caves. Wade doak. p22
Accepting shark attacks; the shark fear hypocrisy. Craig Thorburn. p24
A crazy early season (splendid perch). Craig Worthington. p25.
The landscape of the seafloor. Mark Morrison and Richard Taylor. p26
A look at the swim-with-the-dolphins industry. Rochelle Constantine. p28
Marine mammal munchers and fish fossickers. (orca) Ingrid Visser. p29
The quest for the General Grant. Cheryl Lilly. p40
No 33. April/May 1996
Diving in the sea caves. Wade Doak. p15
Hot water. snorkelling Motuarohia Island. Craig Worthington. p16
More about boats, whales and dolphins. Ingrid Visser. p17
Diving dunedin in the name of science. Penny Palmer. p18
Bay of Plenty diving. Angie Belcher. p42
No 34. June/July 1996
Oddball orcas. Ingrid Visser. p16
Research diving in Milford sound. Penny Palmer. p18
Makos. Craig Thorburn. p19
Bay of Islands, Cavalli Islands. Angie Belcher. p42
Pinnacles of the East Coast: great dives if you can find them. Tony & Jenny Enderby. p44
No 35. Aug/Sep 1996
The cliff dwellers. Sponges. Wade Doak p14
Seeing beauty in the beast. Conger, moray. Craig Thorburn. p18
Life in Doubtful sound. Penny Palmer. p19
Fish flourish in marine reserve. tagging fish. Russ Babcock. p47
Wellington city shore diving. Angie Belcher. p48
No 36. Oct/Nov 1996
Stinging threads. Phylum cnidaria. Wade Doak. p18
Tempt me, Taranaki. Angie Belcher. p54
No 37. Dec/Jan 1997
Stinging threads: the flower people. anemones and true corals. Wade doak. p14
A horse is a horse, unless of course it is a sea horse. Craig Thorburn. p17
Dive dunedin. Angie Belcher. p46
No 38. Feb/Mar 1997
The comb bearers: phylum ctenophora. Wade Doak. p16
Sex and the half-banded perch. Craig Worthington. p18
The joy of snorkelling Kaikoura Peninsula. Peter Langlands. p19
Get wet in the Wairarapa. Angie Belcher. p38
No 39. April/May 1997
Soft bodies. Phylum mollusca. Wade doak. p14
Black gold! Paua. Marea Neill. p16
No 40. June/July 1997
Jointed feet. Phylum arthropoda. Crabs, crayfish. Wade Doak. p12
Strandings and not-so-exciting sharks. Craig Thorburn. p13
Bill Palmer - not just a prickly sea egg. Susi Thompson. p22
Goat Island, NZ's first marine reserve - 20 years on. Tony and Jenny Enderby. p24
Captivating Coromandel. Angie Belcher. p46
No 41. Aug/Sept 1997
Spiny skins: sea stars. Wade Doak p14
Electricity in sharks. Craig Thorburn. p15
Three Kings magic. Lew Ritchie. p42
Orca thieves. Ingrid Visser. p44
Go East. diving the east coast. Angie Belcher. p50
Jacques-Yves Cousteau: Jun 11, 1910- June 25, 1997. J M Cousteau. et al. p52
The Poor Knights Islands, a no-take reserve at last! Wade Doak. p62
No 42. Oct/Nov 1997
Sea urchins. Wade Doak. p14
Biohazard. Venomous anemones. Craig Thorburn. p16
Orca stranding. Ingrid Visser. p24
Blue Cod bounce back at Long Island marine reserve. Andrew McAlister. p25
Moray Eels. Tony & Jenny Enderby. p26
Tattooing fish: no case of mistaken identity. Cam Fisher. p28
New code of conduct for Waikoropupu Sprngs. Andrew MacAlister, DoC. p29
No 43. Dec/Jan 1998
Phylum chordate. sea flasks. Wade Doak. p16
A single coral's guide to successful sex. Peter Heltzel (Monomyces rubrum). p23
Waikoropupu springs. sue Farley. p23
No 44. Feb/Mar 1998
Fish hierarchy, male chauvinism and sex change. Wade Doak. p14
The seven gill shark. Craig Thorburn. p16
Snake Eels. Ross Armstrong. p26
Fiordland. Angie Belcher. p36
No 45 - April/May 1998
Blooming algae! shellfish poisoning. Dinoflagellates, food poisoning. Craig Thorburn. p11
Sponges. Iain Anderson
No 46 - June/July 1998
Fishes of the Poor Knights, the plankton pickers. Pink Maomao, splendid perch, butterfly perch, demoiselle, blue maomao. Wade Doak. p12
Blue shark (Prionace glauca). Craig Thorburn. p13
Cathedral Cove dive at Hahei. Carrie Patrick. p23
Tuhua survey. Mayor Island. Tara Ross-Watt. p32
Diving the Cavalli Islands and Whangarei coast. Tony & Jenny Enderby. p42
Great Barrier Island. Angie Belcher. p47
No 47 - Aug/Sept 1998
Fishes of the Poor Knights: plankton pickers. trevally, koheru, golden snapper, slender roughy, oblique swimming blenny, blunt-head wrasse. Wade Doak. p10
Undersea volcanoes growing: huge economic benefits foreseen. Mac Browne
Diadema Rock, Volckner Rocks. John Baker. p18
Aubrey Island, whangarei Harbour. Wade Doak. p20
Three Kings Odyssea. Ross Armstrong. p22
No 49 - Dec/Jan 1999
All about morays. Craig Thorburn. p12
How effective are marine reserves for protecting snapper? Trevor willis. p21
Awesome Three Kings: Elingamite. Ross Armstrong. p22
Lake Taupo's secrets revealed. Keith Gordon. p31
You are being watched. Octopus and scallop eyes. Iain Anderson. p32
Diving Sail Rock. Tony and Jenny Enderby. p36
No 50 - Feb/Mar 1999
Invertebrate browsers.  Snapper, tatakihi, boarfish, kelpfish. Wade Doak. p11
A brief history of diving medicine. Dr Simon Mitchell. p16
Bushett Shoals, the dive of a lifetime. Bruce Walton. p36
The spineless majority. nudibranch seaslugs. p40
No 51 - Apr/May 1999
Bottom grubbers and bottom fossickers. Goatfish, wrasses. Wade Doak p12
Sea anemones. Iain Anderson. p21
Diving the RMS Niagara. Keith Gordon. p26
No 52 - Jun/Jul 1999
No 53 - Aug/Sep 1999
No 54 - Oct/Nov 1999
Parasite pickers: the combfish. Wade Doak, p11
Diving with sharks - safe or not? Mike Bhana, p13
Spearfishing lin lakes and rivers (98kg catfish). Darren Shields, p18
Stewart Island. Gillian and Darryl Torckler, p22
No tag, no sale. NZ rocklobster industry (NZRLIC. takes offensive against thieves by tagging. p33
The Mokes (Mokohinau). Tony & Jenny Enderby, p38
No 55 - Dec/Jan 2000
Poor Knights notes. Wade Doak, p11
Stingrays. Mike Bhana, p13
The riches of the Poor Knights. Ross & Diane Armstrong, p24-25
Stringy stingy things. Iain A Anderson, p26
Scallops. Gregory Nesbit, Leigh Marine Laboratory, p38
Diving the Hauraki Gulf, Cape Rodney to Ti Point. Jenny & Tony Enderby, p54
No 56 - Feb/Mar 2000
Diving the Hauraki Gulf: the outer reefs of Goat Island marine reserve. Jenny & Tony Enderby, p15
Pupu Springs. Bruce Walton, p22-23
Discovering Stewart Island. Ross Armstrong, p24-25
Dance of the stingrays, Poor Knights. Glenn Edney, p46
No 57 - Apr/May 2000
Guild of the bottom stalkers: morays and congers. Wade Doak, p12
Niagara 2000. The wreck of the Niagara is a diver's dream. Tim Cashman, p18
A meander through Marlborough. Bruce Walton, p20
Discovering Stewart Island. Iain Anderson, p24-25
Unexpected benefits of marine reserves. Russ Babcock, Leigh Marine Laboratory, p33
No 58 - Jun/Jul 2000
Guild of the bottom stalkers: morays part 2. Wade Doak, p16
Gateway to Pelorus Sound. Bruce Walton, p38-39
Discovering Stewart island. Ros Armstrong. p40
No 59 - Aug/Sep 2000
Captivating kaikoura. Gillian & Darryl Torckler, p8-9
Guild of the bottom stalkers, lizard fish, scorpion fish, rock cod, stargazer. Wade Doak, p18
No 60 - Oct/Nov 2000
Triplefins and blennies. Wade Doak, p14
Advanced freediving. Kirk Krack, p24-26
Battered eastern shores. Crai Worthington, p27
Diving the volcano (White Island). Donovan Gibbs, p30-31
Astrolabe adventure. Darell Adshead
Tidal (inernal) waves at the Knights. Dr Edward Abraham, NIWA, p59
No 61 - Dec/Jan 2001
The parchment worm, an alien in the Hauraki Gulf? Hernando Acosta, Leigh Marine Laboratory, p36
Death in our seas. Toxic agal blooms threatening mussel industry. Bruce Walton, p41
Towards a network of reserves. Roger Grace, p48-49
Sarks need their fins more than you. Letters about shark finning. p85
No 62 - Feb/Mar 2001
Sex and the single nudibranch. Iain anderson. p21
Hapuka or Grouper. Wade Doak, p26
Storm in a bowl of sharkfin. Tony Wu,p27
The amber forest (Macrosystis). Roger Grace. p40,42
The great white shark experience. Pete Montgomery, p46-48
No 63 - Apr/May 2001
Rikoriko Cave. Wade Doak
Riwaka Resurgence cave diving. Mark Chamberlain, Brent Daniel. p26-27
Divers' Haven, East coast island discovery: Coromandel. Monique Witsenburg. p31-35
Coral reefs and climate change. Roger Grace. p44,46
No 64 - Jun/Jul 2001
No 65 - Aug/Sep 2001
No 66 - Oct/Nov 2001
No 67 Dec/Jan 2002


Forest & Bird
The articles listed here have been selected for their relevance to this web site.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls, an environmental hazard in nZ? Alastair S Gunn, Michael G Crooymans. 15/1. Feb 1994. p12
The NZ Sealion, a problem of bycatch. S J Owen. 15/1 Feb 1994 p34
Auckland Islands visited. Audrey Eagle. 15/2 May 1984. p14-18
Our disappearing natural dunelands. Shannel Courtney. 15/3 Aug 1984 p2-5
Pauatahanui - the making of a reserve. 16/3 Aug 1985 p2-4
Tides of change. New environmental administration. Mark Bellingham, Gary Taylor. 17/3 Aug 1986. p2-5
Marine reserves, a tale of lost opportunities. Lewis Ritchie. 17/3 Aug 1986. p9
The underwater world of Fiordland. Ken Grange. 17/3 Aug 1986 p10-13
A Kermadec Islands marine reserve? 17/3 Aug 1986 p16-18
Scientific catching - whale of a loophole. Bill Wieben. 18/3 Aug 1987 p36-37
Rubbishing the ocean - the problem of plastic debris. Dr Martin Cawthron. 18/4 Nov 1987 p25-26
The downunder dolphin. Hectors dolphin. Stephen Dawson and Liz slooten. 18/4 Nov 1987 p32-34

The Poor Knights a real marine reserve at last? Wade Doak. 273 Aug 1994 p18-23
Climate change - the evidence heats up. Jan Sinclair 276 May 1995 p24-31
World of wounds. Deer, possums and other herbivores are transforming native forest into scrub and grassland. Geoff Rogers.No277 Aug 1995
In search of mudfish. David Young. 279 Feb 1999 p14-17
Dune Care. Eric Hamilton, BoP Regional Council. 279 Feb 1996 p34-39
Snail shells - an evolutionary saga. Ann Graeme. 279 Feb 1996 p42-43
Mohua, tackling stoats. Stoat eradication techniques. Colin O'Donnell. 281 Aug 1996 p20-27
What's wrong with our fisheries. short sight, high risk. Mark Feldman. 282 Nov 1996 p22-27
Protecting sea life in the Capital. A marine reserve for Wellington? Kate Camp. 285 Aug 1997 p22-27
Too many people? toward a population policy for NZ. Eugenie Sage. 285 Aug 1997 p28-37
Food for thought (fish evolution ). Ann Graeme. 285 Aug 1997 p50-51
The state we're in (the state of the NZ environment). MfE. 286 Nov 1997 p24-25
Treasured islands of the subantarctic. Gordon Ell. 287 Feb 1998 p16-23
Diving the mangroves - a photographic safari. Tony & Jenny enderby. 287 Feb 1998 p24-27
Wilderness and water on Waiheke - the Matuku Bay marine reserve proposal. Leith Duncan. 288 May 1998 p26-27
Miranda, the refuge of migrants. Gordon Ell. 289 Aug 1998 p14-19
The voracious mosquito fish Gambusia or 'Damnbusia'?. Clint McCullough. 290 Nov 1998 p20-21
Glimpses of Gondwanaland. Parts of South America and Australia look alike. Shaun Barnett. 290 Nov 1998 p22-27
Marine reserves proposed for Nelson Coast; off Banks Peninsula; Off Taranaki coast. 291 Feb 1999 p10-11
Diving on harbour riches. Wade Doak. 291 Feb 1999 p22-25
Marine reserves: planning a wet library. High school students for a marine reserve in Whangarei Harbour. 291 Feb 1999 p26-27
Helping the penguins, Blue Penguins at Flea Bay, Banks Peninsula. Andy Dennis. 291 Feb 1999 p36-39


New Zealand Geographic

Life on Campbell Island. Raewyn Mackenzie. Vol 1 Jan 1989 p18
Goat Island revisited. Kennedy Warne & John Walsby. Vol 1 Jan 1989 p96
Pools of discovery (rock pools). John Walsby. Vol 1 Jan 1989 p103
The obsidian island (Mayor Island). Buddy Mikaere. Vol 3 Jul 1989 p18
Bluff gold (the bluff oyster). Kennedy Warne. Vol 3 Jul 1989 p63
The cultured oyster (pacific oyster). John Walsby. Vol 3 Jul 1989 p70
Deep water fishing. Warren Judd & Kim Westerskov. Vol 4 Oct 1989 p76
Symphony of the dolphins. Michael Szabo & Roger Grace Vol 14 Apr 1992 p100
Forests in the sea (mangroves). John Walsby & Darryl Torckler. Vol 15 Jul 1992 p40
Underwater gardens of Pupu Springs. Gerard Hindmarsh & Daryl Torckler. Vol 16 Sep 1992 p78
Bait! (whitebait, galaxiids). Keri Hulme & Peter Quinn. Vol 17 Jan 1993 p50
Emperors on ice (Emperor penguin). Kim Westerskov. Vol 17 Jan 1993 p108
Nature's champagne (drinking water, aquifers) Vaughan Yarwood.Vol 18 Apr 1993  p62
Mussel power (greenshell mussels). Elaine Fisher, Warren Judd, John Walsby. Vol 18 Apr 1993 p104
Glaciers - ice on the move. Derek Grzelewski. Vol 19 Jul 1993 p50
The hunt for NZ's dinosaurs. Vaughan Yarwood & Dave Gunson. Vol 19 Jul 1993 p102
The Chathams - New Zealand's wilder side. Vaughan Yarwood & Arno Gasteiger. Vol 20 Oct 1993 p44
Fish from the foam (fishing contest). Warren Judd & Arno Gasteiger. Vol 22 Apr 1994 p18
Gardens under the sea (seaweeds). Lindsay Clark. Vol 22 Apr 1994  p70
New Zealand's search for oil. Warren Judd & Arno Gasteiger. Vol 23 Jul 1994 p20
Wreck to reef - the transfiguration of the Rainbow Warrior. Roger Grace & Michael Szabo. Vol 23 Jul 1994 p82
Old man Kaipara (Kaipara Harbour). Bede Scott & Francois Maritz. Vol 26 Apr 1995 p20
Pohutukawa - flame of the north. Jo Hardy/McNeill, Roger Blackley, Warren Judd. Vol 28 Oct 1995
The clifftop world of the Three Kings. Warren Judd. Vol 29 Jan 1996 p26
Humpback (Humpback whales). Alison Carter & Kim Westerskov. Vol 30 Apr 1996 p20
Island refuge (Stephens Island). Graeme Ure. Vol 32 Oct 1996 p62
Some like it hot (thermophilic bacteria). Simon Potter. Vol 33 Jan 1997 p78
Sea lions - pride of the southern seas (Auckland Islands). Neville Peat. Vol 33 Jan 1997  p88
Passionate about paua. Gerard Hindmarsh. Vol 39 Jul 1998 p64
Whales out my window (Southern right whale, Campbell Island, Auckland Islands). Caryn Davis. Vol 40 Oct 1998 p88
Harold Wellman and the Alpine Fault. Ross Galbreath. Vol 41 Jan 1999. p82
The lure of trout. Derek grzelewski & Darryl Torckler. Vol 46 Apr 2000. p90
Treasures of Spirits Bay. Dave Hansford. Vol 46 Apr 2000. p14-16


New Zealand's Nature Heritage (about 1975) 1975, Hamlyn House Books, Auckland
This work was an extraordinary achievement for its time and is still today a good general reference, hence the whole contents of all volumes in this series have been listed here: --home--back--top--19990324

Scientific American

The spawning of the capelin. (Newfoundland). William C Leggett, Kenneth T Frank. Vol 262/5 May 1990. p68-73
High fertility in sub-saharan Africa. Religious & social beliefs promote large families. John C Caldwell et al. Vol 262/5 May 1990. p82-89
Genes, peoples and languages. Human genetics tracing the divergence of languages. Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza. Vol 265/5 Nov 1991 p72-79
Plant life in a CO2-rich world. Increased production or disrupted ecosystems? F A Bazzaz, E D Fajer. Vol 266/1 Jan 1992 p18-25
How sea turtles navigate. Kenneth J Lohman. Vol 266/1 Jan 1992 p82-89
Mud volcanoes of the Marianas. Descending plates and water creates minerals oozing back. Patricia Fryer. Vol 266/2 Feb 1992. p26-33
The mammals of island Europe. 50 million years ago. Vol 266/2 Feb 1992. p42-47
The recent African genesis of humans. DNA tracing back to 'Eve'. Allan C Wilson, Rebecca L Cann. Vol 266/4 Apr 1992 p20-27
The multi-regional evolution of humans. Paleoanthropologists disagree with DNA.. Vol 266/4 Apr 1992 p28-33
Mountain belts and the supercontinent cycle. Is Pangea part of a 500m year cycle? J Brendan Murphy et al.. Vol 266/4 Apr 1992 p34-41
Accounting for environmental assets. Degradation of natural assets is not taken into account. Robert Repetto. Vol 266/6 Jun 1992. p64-71
How many species inhabit the Earth? Estimates. Robert M May. Vol 267/4 Oct 1992. p18-25
Scavenging and human evolution. Did man hunt or scavenge for food? Robert J Blumenschine et al. Vol 267/4 Oct 1992. p70-77
The big bang of animal evolution. 600m years ago the basic body plan was formed. Jeffrey S Levinton. Vol 267/5 Nov 1992 p 52-59Meaning and Mind in monkeys. Do their utterances reflect hought? Robert M Seyfarth et al. Vol 267/6 Dec 1992 p78-85
Why do we age? Genes control ageing. Ricki L Rusting. Vol 267/6 Dec 1992 p86-95
Coral bleaching. Why are coral reefs dying? Barbara E Brown et al. Vol 268/1 Jan 1993 p44-51
The earliest history of the Earth. New Radioactive dating into 1,5 billion years ago. Derek York. Vol 268/1 Jan 1993 p82-89
Madagascar's Lemurs. Are lemurs related to humans? They are under threat. Ian Tattersall. Vol 268/1 Jan 1993 p90-97
Adapting to complexity. Living and nonliving systems (economy) evolve towards chaos. Russell Ruthen. Vol 268/1 Jan 1993 p110-117
Environmental change and violent conflict. People will fight for dwindling resources. Thomas F Homer-Dixon et al. Vol 268/2 Feb 1993 p16-23
Ice Age lamps. Ancient humans invented portable, fat-burning lamps. Sophie A de Beaune et al. Vol266/3 Mar 1993 p74-79
Flooded forests of the Amazon. A changing environment creates more diversity. Michael Goulding. Vol266/3 Mar 1993p80-87
The ageing of the human species. We are getting older. S Jay Olshansky et al. Vol 268/4 Apr 1993 p18-25
The reproductive behaviour of the Stickleback. Gerard J Fitzgerald. Vol 268/4 Apr 1993 p50-55
The evolution of virulence. Why are some pathogens worse than others? Paul W Ewald. Vol 268/4 Apr 1993 p56-63
Modern humans in the Levant. Neanderthals and humans. Ofer Bar-Yosef et al. Vol 268/4 Apr 1993 p64-71
The economics of life and death. Financial indicators do not reflect human wellbeing. Amartya Sen. Vol 268/5 May 1993 p18-25
The power of maps. Be aware of the cartographer's bias. Denis Wood. Vol 268/5 May 1993 p48-53
Underground records of changing climate. Temperature gradients in deep boreholes reveal. Henry N Pollack et al. Vol 268/6 Jun 1993 p 16-23
Eugenics revisited. Human behaviour determined by genetics? John Horgan. Vol 268/6 Jun 1993 p92-100
Diet and primate evolution. We are what we ate. Dietary niches directed our evolution. Katharine Milton. Vol 269/2 Aug 1993 p70-77
Large igneous provinces. Vast elevated plains created by magma. Millard F Coffin et al. Vol 269/4 Oct 1993 p42-49
The case for free trade. Economic forces can correct poor ecological practice. Jagdish Bhagwari. Vol 269/5 Nov 1993 p41-49
The perils of free trade. The cost to the environment is not charged, threatening jobs and biosphere. Herman E Daly. Vol 269/5 Nov 1993 p50-57
The fertility decline in developing countries. Prosperity  and contraception. Bryant Robey et al. Vol 269/6 Dec 1993 p30-37
Sulfate aerosol and climatic change. Compounds of sulfur act as the Earth's thermostat. Robert J Charlson et al. Vol 270/2 Feb 1994 p48-57
The molecular architects of body design. Genes control development, normal or monstrous. William McGinnis et al. Vol 270/2 Feb 1994
The terror birds of South America. 65 million years ago. Larry G Marshall. Vol 270/2 Feb 1994 p90-95
Can the growing human population feed itself? Optimism. John Bongaarts. Vol 270/3 Mar 1994 p36-43
The Earth's mantle below the oceans. What propels the tectonic plates? Enrico Bonatti. Vol 270/3 Mar 1994 p44-51
The dynamics of social dilemmas. Co-operation to preserve. Natalie S Glance et al. Vol 270/3 Mar 1994 p76-81
Frogs and toads in deserts. Survival techniques for extremes. Lon L McClanahan et al. Vol 270/3 Mar 1994 p82-89
Trades, jobs and wages. Consumers are buying more services, fewer goods. Paul R Krugman et al. Vol 270/4 Apr 1994 p44-49
Nurturing nature. Restoring Florida's Everglades. Marguerite Holloway. Vol 270/4 Apr 1994 p 98-108
East side story: the origin of humankind. Why did hominids branch off from Panidae? Yves Coppens. Vol 270/5 May 1994 p88-95
Agriculture for developing nations. High-yield crops need irrigation and fertilisers. Is there a better way? Francesca bray. Vol 271/1 Jul 1994
Manatees. In danger. Thomas O'Shea. Vol 271/1 Jul 1994 p66-73
Late ice age hunting technology. Sophisticated spear points. Heidi Knecht. Vol 271/1 Jul 1994 p82-87
Red Tides. Toxic blooms of algae contaminate seafood. Donald M Anderson. Vol 271/2 Aug 1994 p62-69
Solving the paradox of deep earthquakes. At 70Km dep, rock becomes liquid can it quake? Harry W Green II. Vol 271/3 Sep1994 p64-71
Life in the universe. A special issue entirely devoted to life, Earth and universe. Vol 271/4 Oct 1994
Fossils of the flaming cliffs. Dinosaurs in the Gobi desert. Michael J Novacek et al. Vol 271/6 Dec 1994 p60-69
Making environmental treaties work. 170 international treaties to protect the environment. Hilary F French. Vol 271/6 Dec 1994 p94-99
Caulerpa. Looking like ferns with travelling roots, is in fact a single cell. William P Jacobs. Vol 271/6 Dec 1994 p 100-105
The puzzle of declining amphibian populations. What may be the cause? Andrew R Blaustein. Vol 272/4 Apr 1995 p52-57
The ocean's salt fingers. Vertical currents in the oceans. Raymond W Schmitt Jr. Vol 272/5 May 1995 p70-75
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God's utility function. Patterns of seemingly intelligent design can be explained.  Richard Dawkins. Vol 273/5 Nov 1995 p80-85
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Caribbean mangrove swamps. Belize. Klaus Ruetzler, Ilka C Feller. Vol 274/3 Mar 1996 p94-99
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Sands of the world. Sand reflects millions of years of geologic history. Walter N Mack et al. Vol 275/2 Aug 1996 p44-49
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Sharks and the origins of vertebrate immunity. 500m years ago sharks developed a better immune system. Gary W Litman. Vol 275/5 Nov 1996
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The future of fuel cells. Innovation and engineering may overcome their design problems. Various articles & authors. SciAm Jul 1999

Breathing life into Tyrannosaurus Rex. It may have been a kinder, gentler creature. Various authors. SciAm Sept 1999
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A case against virtual nuclear testing. Are 3-D computer simulations flawed? Christopher E Paine. SciAm Sep 1999
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The fate of life in the universe. Eventually the universe will become so cold and empty that life cannot exist. L M Krauss et al. SciAm Nov 1999
Flammable ice: Methane-hydrate deposits in the sea bottom may store the energy needed for the future. E Suess et all SciAm  Nov 1999
Floating in space: balloons may study the upper reaches of the atmosphere. I Steve Smith et al. Sci Am Nov 1999
What science will know in 2050, a millennium special. Various authors and articles. SciAm Dec 1999
    A unified physics? Exploring our universe and others. Deciphering the code of life. The end of nature versus nurture.
    The human impact on climate. Can human ageing be postponed? How the brain creates the mind.
    Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Rise of the robots.
Once we were not alone. Four kinds of hominids lived in the same time period on the same continent. Ian Tattersall. SciAm Jan 2000.
Snowball Earth. Ice entombed our planet hundreds of millions of years ago. Complex animals evolved. Paul F Hoffman et al. SciAm Jan 2000.
The unmet need for family planning. Birth control is still inadequate. Malcolm Potts. Sci Am Jan 2000.
The Galileo mission to Jupiter and its moons. Torrence V Johnson. SciAm Feb 2000
Melting below zero: the surface of ice can have a liquid film. John S Wettlaufer & J Greg Dash. SciAm Feb 2000
Capturing greenhouse gases. Sequestering carbon dioxide underground or in the deep ocean. Howard Herzog et al. SciAm Feb 2000
Transparent animals. Ingenious physiological accommodations. Soenke Johnsen. SciAm Feb 2000
Uprooting the tree of life. About 10 years ago, scientists finally worked out how life evolved. W Ford Doolittle. SciAm Feb 2000
Why go to Mars? Looking for life, travelling to Mars, space technology. various authors. SciAm Mar 2000
Dissecting a hurricane. Scientists flew into hurricane Dennis. Tim Beardsley. SciAm Mar 2000
Monitoring Earth's vital signs. Nasa's Earth Observing Satellites. Michale D King, David d Herring. SciAm Apr 2000
Who were the Neandertals? Controversial evidence indicates that they interbred with humans. Kate Wong. SciAm Apr 2000
Making metallic hydrogen: by re-creating the extreme conditions in Ju;iter's core. William J Nellis. SciAm May 2000
Waging a new kind of war.  Small arms conflict. Jeffrey Boutwel & Michael T Klare. SciAm May 2000 p 28-35
Invisible wounds. Mental health effects of wars. Richard F Mollica. SciAm May 2000 p36-39
Children of the gun. How to make killer children. Neil G Boothby & Christine M Knudsen.
Dwarf galaxies and star bursts. Sara C Beck. SciAm May 2000 p46-53SciAm May 2000 p40-45

Searching for extraterrestrials. Where are they? Maybe we are alone after all. Ian Crawford. SciAm Jul 2000
Darwin's influence on modern thought. Great minds shape the thinking of historical periods. Ernst Mayr. SciAm Jul 2000
How green are green plastics? Are plastics from plants the saviors we have hoped for? T U Gerngross et al. SciAm Aug 2000
Fountains of youth: early days in the life of a star. To make a star, gas and dust must fall inward. Thomas P Ray. SciAm Aug 2000
Is global warming harmful to health? Diseases may surge. Paul R Epstein. SciAm Aug 2000
Searching for shadows of other earths. Giant planets have been found but not smaller ones. L R Doyle et al. SciAm Sep 2000
Who were the first Americans? They may have been fisherfolk and basket weavers. Sasha Nemecek. SciAm Sep 2000
The power of memes. Behaviour is copied from person to person. Susan Blackmore et al. SciAm Oct 2000 p52-61
The Vasimir rocket, powerful and efficient. Franklin R Chang Diaz. SciAm Nov 2000. p72-79
Rulers of the Jurassic seas. Ryosuke Motami. SciAm Dec 2001 p 30-37
The secrets of stardust. J Mayo Greenberg. SciAm Dec 2001 p46-51
The science of smart growth. Alternatives to urban sprawl. Donald D T Chen. SciAm Dec 2001 p60-67

Safeguarding our water.
    Making every drop gount. Will we have enough? Peter H Gleick. SciAm Feb 2001 p28-33
    Growing more food with less water. Irrigation must become less wasteful. Sandra Postel. SciAm Feb 2001 p34-37


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