Poor Knights marine reserve
diving the Squires: Sugarloaf and the Pinnacles
by Dr J Floor Anthoni (2007)
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  • The Pinnacles: a small group of rocks in a deep sea.
    • Tie-dye Arch: an easy dive when the swell allows.
    • Cathedral Cove: a shallow ledge perching over a steep and deep drop-off.
    • Scary Deep: its name says it all: a vetical drop-off.
  • Sugarloaf Rock: a single pinnacle in a deep sea


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The Pinnacles of the Poor Knights Islands.
Note that the first three depth contours are for 10, 20 and 30m depth.

The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles and sugarloaf Rock are found south-west of the Poor Knights Islands. They are also fully protected by the Poor Knights marine reserve. On the map the boundary of the protection zone extends 800m from every outcrop above water, traced by the red dashed line.

Tie-dye Arch

Cathedral Cove

Scary Deep

Sugarloaf Rock