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Intro & index to Poor Knights: the contents page
Its history: Maori and European habitation
Its geology, biogeography & ecology: learn the basis
Diving the northern quarter: Northern Arch ....
Diving mid northern quarter: Middle Arch ...
Diving mid southern quarter: Rikoriko, the Gardens...
Diving the southern quarter: Blue Maomao Arch .....
The common fishes: interesting facts about the fish
The cliff dwellers: what to find on the rocks.
The seaweeds: the common seaweeds.
Snorkelling and where: not all is steep cliffs, magical.
Night diving and where: the best places, and advice
Famous fish schools: dense schools, what, where
Awesome moray eels: five species of moray eel
Mystery of Barren Arch: ubelievable yet true
Mysteries of Rikoriko: world's largest sea cave?
Awesome Taravana Cave: deep, dark and deadly
Mystery of social sting rays: 50 rays in an archway?
Recent degradation: the rot has arrived. Why?
Free detailed map: the best map in the world.
Goat Island: NZ's first marine reserve
Kermadecs: NZ's largest marine reserve, far away.
Niue: a cool-tropical sea paradise
More NZ marine reserves: the list with links
Introduction to marine reserves: know a bit more
Marine conservation: a lot of wishful thinking
Frequently asked questions: no-nonsense facts
Marine degradation: the sea is rotting. Why? How?
War for marine reserves: stealing rights for no gain.