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Diving and snorkelling Goat Island

Come to Goat Island marine reserve and snorkel with the fishes in an enchanting seascape. YES you can do it too. Even people who have never learnt to swim, can do it! Just hire a floating safety suit from Seafriends and you will be safe and warm, unable to drown. You will be swimming with the friendly fishes in minutes. A true wonderland opens before your eyes, inviting you to come back again and again. This page helps you find the necessary information to prepare your visit. Seafriends is your one-stop shop for all you require. Discover Seafriends!
But there is more to it. Seafriends has been the first to fight for our seas (since 1990) in which all species are disappearing. By doing business with us, you help us in furthering our aims: monitoring, photography, marine education, web site and more. Make sure your money also makes a difference for your children!

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You don't need to be a confident swimmer to meet the friendly fishes in the water, because a full floating wetsuit protects you and gives you all the safety you need.
Check today's sea conditions first in order to avoid disappointment. Also look at the one week forecast and what else you may need to consider.
Read up about the Goat Island marine reserve because there is so much you can do. Find the popular sites, the caves and which fishes you may encounter. (80 pages)
If you are confident in the water and familiar with mask, snorkel and fins, you have the making of a good snorkeldiver. Let Floor Anthoni teach you the secrets of snorkeldiving and never forget. "Snorkelling without fear" (10 pages, entirely free)
Hiring dive and snorkelgear at Seafriends is convenient and affordable. Cheapest prices, largest range and cleanest gear! We have hundreds of special wetsuits to fit all sizes. Also optically corrected dive masks for short-sighted and long-sighted eyes. We have EFTPOS for convenient card payments. (1 page)
We designed our own safety suits to match the sea conditions at Goat Island. Be safe rather than sorry in our full cover 5mm thick safety suits that protect you from cold, drowning, sunburn and stings. And they are affordable too! (2 pages)
No need to go hungry or thirsty. Discover the secluded Seafriends Café in a garden setting, with great coffee and fresh food, all at affordable prices. (2 pages)
In the school holidays from before Christmas to mid February you will find a unique opportunity to learn more about our seas and how they are dying, and view the ecosystem aquariums that are unique in the world. Seafriends has worked on saving our seas for nearly 20 years, and the exhibition shows you what has been achieved. (1 page)
There's always a place where you can pitch your tent. Try Seafriends' home-stay camping in the tranquility and shelter of a mature property - budget, friendly, quiet, clean, with all you need. (3 pages)
Schools, visit our schools section for an unforgettable day with Seafriends. (many pages)


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