Fishes of Niue, a classification

by Dr J Floor Anthoni (2005)
Here are the most common fishes of Niue arranged in the way scientists prefer. From necessity, this list may never become complete because Niue is rich in species and there are many yet to be discovered. This list gives the classification, genus and species name, common name and local Niuean name where possible. Where we have a drawing or photograph, we have linked the species to a thumbnail picture of it. The list was composed from known fish species by their Niuean names and from own observations. Many still remain to be discovered.


First we composed a classification tree for the most likely families of fishes to be found in temperate to tropical seas. We then consulted the Niue language dictionary Tohi Vagahau Niue for Niuean names for fishes, assuming that this would cover the most common fishes found in the area. We then also added our own observations from photos taken in the sea around Niue. In this manner we are certain that the fish species listed here are indeed found around Niue. But of course many remain unmentioned and may never find their way here. The author is grateful for any reliable fish observations and photos that may augment this list, and he is also grateful for corrections. Can you identify the unidentified species? Where a scientific name is underlined, it links to a photo of the species. Use the back button of your browser to return to this page.

A significant addition to photographed and observed fish species was provided by Hickson Ferguson in 2010/2011, here marked by [HF].

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In June 2011 we received images from Hickson Fergusson, acknowledged with [HF]. Many thanks.
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  • Class

  • Agnatha - Jawless fishes
  • Chondrichthyes - Cartilaginous fishes
  • Osteichthyes - Bony fishes

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