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posters: A3-sized prints 60 images
images: various collections 500 images
2004 collection: part1, part2 700 images
2005 collection: part1, part2 570 images
2006 collection: 200 images
Niue: tropical 2004, 2005 collection 670 images

rocky shore: principles and 400 images, contents
  fishes: rock pool fishes
  crustaceans: shrimps, crabs, crayfish
  echinoderms: sea cucumber, sea urchin, sea star
  seasquirts: mats, blobs and squirts
  molluscs: snails, limpets, chitons, seaslugs
  other lower animals: anemones, worms
  coralline algae: pink paint, pink turf
  green seaweeds: sea lettuce and others
  brown seaweeds: bladderweeds, kelps
  red seaweeds: fragile and elegant
sea hares: sea hares of NZ
parchment worm: a plague of an old resident
weirdos: strange fish and other creatures

Goat Island: NZ's first marine reserve
Poor Knights Islands: NZ's best diving 400 images
Kermadecs: NZ's largest remote marine reserve

underwater photography: an essential course
buy the Seafriends CD 800x600 screen-sized photos