Seafriends - Plankton index
by Dr J Floor Anthoni
The tree of life for plankton organisms, both plant and animal, with details of each (postponed)
plankton balance
The Plankton Balance hypothesis is our recent discovery of an overlooked ecological factor (limiting factor) which has become very important due to accelerating degradation of the sea. (17 pages)
The coastal seas world-wide are being threatened by rapidly accelerating degradation caused by the run-off from the land. This chapter presents the principles behind it and observations showing what it looks like. (27pages)
blooms 1992
The algal bloom and climate anomalies of 1992 by Dr W J Ballantine, Leigh Laboratory Seminar, May 28th, 1993. The plankton blooms of 1992/93 caused the kelp forest to disappear from large areas. This document reports on the results of several studies (7 pages)
Hauraki Gulf Survey
HAURAKI GULF MARINE SURVEY, January to August 1993, Dr J Floor Anthoni. Our own studies into the extent of the plankton blooms of 1992/93 and their aftermath. (21 pages)
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