DDA Registration
registration, orders and payments

Check the conditions on this page whether you are eligible to use the DDA method free of charge. You can also order products that you may not be able to source in your neighbourhood.
For comments and suggestions, e-mail the author, Dr J Floor Anthoni.
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Why register?
The DDA method to test the health of plankton ecosystems is an important and novel discovery that will be used widely. It was discovered by the personal endeavours of Dr J Floor Anthoni, and was entirely funded from savings, earnings and unpaid time. As an outsider to the scientific community, Dr Anthoni is not eligible for public funding and needs to recover costs in a different way. By means of registration, and payment for each sample taken, the benefits obtained can now contribute to the endeavours and aims of the charitable Seafriends Foundation and further discoveries. It is money well spent.

What is the DDA?
The DDA consists of a number of steps, each of which are not new or spectacular, but when combined, constitute a new way of measuring:

The DDA essentially covers all methods measuring biomass by decomposition, using a pH meter.

What is free?
An invention like the DDA which is capable of measuring the health of natural waters, should ideally be free for all. For this reason, those who use it in an unpaid situation, to monitor a private aquarium or a non-commercial fish pond, are hereby authorised to use the DDA for free. Those who donate their time and effort for saving the environment, as part of an environmental group are also authorised free use, but not when such a group receives public funding. All users must acknowledge the intellectual property of Dr Anthoni, see below.

You are hereby authorised to use all text, diagrams, graphs and images for quotation or reproduction for non-commercial, educational or private use, except for print runs that have an accompanying budget. Contact the author to be sure.

Recognition and credit
All users of the DDA method must acknowledge the intellectual property of Dr Anthoni when publishing or writing about it, which is just fair practice. A few examples follow here:
[1] Anthoni J F (2005), The Dark Decay Assay, www.seafriends.org.nz/dda/
[2] (the DDA was invented by Floor Anthoni, 2005)
[3] www.seafriends.org.nz/dda/

All others who use the DDA as part of their employment, business, consultancy or through government funding, must contribute by registering and purchasing a licence. This has been made easy through PayPal, an Internet 'bank' accepting credit cards. By clicking one of the purchase buttons below, your credit card details (which will remain unknown to us) will be accepted by PayPal and your personal or institutional information relayed to us for registration. You will then receive an e-mail confirming your payment, together with an authorisation code. Your data will be stored in our database which is not available to others and will not be used for any commercial purpose.

Should you have any questions, or wish to negotiate a special situation, please e-mail Floor Anthoni.

Easy licence options
This page gives you a number of options to suit your particular needs. Each option has a unique purchase button associated with it. Note that the licence is based on the number of vials (test tubes) used, and is set at a nominal US$ 1.00 per vial with a discount structure. Also an institutional licence is available, see below.

Payments by credit card are safely handled by PayPal
This beginners' option fills one travel incubator with 48 vials or less.
A small incremental option for non-frequent users.
An option to suit frequent users who wish to get on with the job.
An unlimited annual licence, suitable for institutions, universities, local bodies and businesses who see the DDA as an indispensable tool.
Your donation today can make a big change tomorrow. Donate generously to save our seas.
Your donation amount US$: 
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Optional message:
Thank you for supporting Seafriends and making a difference for the future of our children. Your credit card details will be handled safely by Paypal, and will remain unknown to us.

Other products
Everything you need for doing the Dark Decay Assay has been described on this web site (see gear.htm) so that you can make your own. However, should you wish us to put a set together for you, you can purchase it here, together with replacement items.

[to be completed later]
Standard set in suitcase: pH meter + test buffers + collar caps, 50m measuring tape, dark beaker, registration cards and more. (photos)

Travelling incubator for 48 vials, includes thermostat and internal emergency battery, 2 aluminium trays + 48 vials + collar caps. (photo)

Spares: pH head, test buffers, collar lids,

Separate: pHtestr30 pH-meter, tested, run-in and calibrated.  Spare probe/sensor for pHtestr30.

Print from this web site
A number of products can be printed direct from this web site for free, with your browser. Note that it is known that Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape after Rev 4.8 split pictures and tables across page boundaries, which looks messy. Should you wish a clean printout, download Netscape Communicator 4.7 from the file cc32e47.exe (18MB) available from various Internet archives such as endeavor.med.nyu.edu/download/win95/ . It can also be downloaded from the Seafriends CD at /scrntx03/cc32e47.exe.


Be seen and be networked
Submit the URL of your environmental group or otherwise so that you can be found by others. Form a network. The link you provide will be placed in our links page. Just e-mail the author with the details you wish to be placed in the links page.
Submit the details of your scientific publication using the DDA method, so that others can find it. Let's work together to make it better!