Affordable posters: the human form in the underwater world
The posters in this gallery depict the grace, harmony and contrast of the human form in the seascape.
A snorkeldiver enjoying the seascape
f023326: A snorkeldiver floats motionlessly, enjoying the rich seascape near a clif face in Nursery Cove, Poor Knights Is, New Zealand.
f023708: Unencumbered and free
f023708: Snorkelling unencumbered and free.
f023719: Snorkeldiver plunging into the sun-lit sea
f023719: For a moment, this snorkeldiver is enveloped in an aurora of bubbles as she plunges into the sun-lit sea.
f023017: Snorkel diver in a small cove
f023017: A snorkeldiver readies herself for the next dive in a small cove of the Poor Knights Is, New Zealand.
f023730: The plunge
f023730: The Plunge
f023422: Free ascent
f023422: Free ascent