Affordable posters: awesome creatures

The posters in this gallery depict the awesome creatures of the underwater environment: the rare, bizarre, dangerous, large and so on.

f022826: Large sand octopus inside cray pot
f022826: A large sand octopus has taken refuge inside a decaying crayfish pot while a diver watches in awe, 20m deep near Leigh, New Zealand. Just minutes earlier, this large sand octopus caught a smaller one, which it is cannibalising while holding it inside its tough web.
f020733: a lurking scorpion fish
f020733: A large red scorpionfish lurks for prey amongst the green sea lettuce on a rock face at the Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand. This red scorpionfish (Scorpaena  papillosus)  can swallow surprisingly large fish with its large mouth and mouth cavity.
f025621: A spotted wobbegong shark startles a diver
f025621: A spotted wobbegong shark startles a diver as it suddenly wakes up from a nap in a gully of the Julian Rocks, Australia. Spotted wobbegong sharks (Orectolobus maculatus) forage by night but sleep by day.
f025705: A leopard shark sleeping by day
f025705: A leopard shark sleeping in a gully in the Julian Rocks marine reserve, Australia. The leopard shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) has large breast fins to work the sea bottom in search of shellfish.
f025013: diver and variable sea hare
f025013: A large variable sea hare was found feeding on sea lettuce at the Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand. Variable seahares (Aplysia dactylomela) live in coastal, sheltered areas and are often found in rock pools. They grow fast because their bodies contain little substance.
f022536: Head of mosaic moray
f022536: Mosaic morays always look threatening because of their needle-like teeth. Poor Knights Is. Mosaic Morays (Enchelycore ramosa) are found in northern waters of NZ but are common in Lord Howe Island.
f020736: Red scorpion fish in sea lettuce
f020736: A red northern scorpionfish among green sea lettuce at the Poor Knights Is, New Zealand. These scorpion fish (Scorpaena papillosus) have very large mouths and mouth cavities.

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