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An introduction to the seaweeds of New zealand


Interesting aspects of the biology of seaweeds, their life cycles and functioning

Edible seaweeds

Edible seaweeds of New Zealand


A systematic classification of all New Zealand seaweeds, with links to detailed information on the most common ones.

Further reading

Books and references of interest for further study


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Further reading
The titles marked in blue are available from the Seafriends Library.

Adams, Nancy M: Seaweeds of New Zealand. 1994. Canterbury Univ Press, Christchurch New Zealand.This is a masterpiece, a lifetime work, detailing practically all seaweed species found in our country, complete with wonderful and clear paintings. For the paintings alone, this book would do well on any coffee table, but for its scientific value it will, for a long time, be the standard by which all other works will be measured. Thanks Nancy!

Bradstock, Mike: Between the tides, NZ shore and estuary life.1985. Common animals and plants found along our coasts.

South, G Robin & Adams, Nancy M: Marine algae of the Kaikoura Coast. 1976. Nat Museum of NZ Misc series 1. Wellington, New zealand. A short summary of the South Island marine algae.

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