Perceived marine and other threats in Niue

This is a summary of a UN report studying causes and concerns in relation to inshore fisheries from consultations with village members at Alofi North and Makefu (PSA report, Niue IWP National Programme).  Causal agents have been hypothesised to be the dominant agent or agents in terms of coastal ecology effects by the author. A number of causal agents are left as unknown or unlikely to be addressed because of the uncertain connection between the concern and the likely cause(s). 
Translated: this is what the United Nations think is bothering Niue. Check it out  while visiting this island.


  • Habitat degradation
  • Harvesting
  • Animal behaviour
  • Degradation of coastal habitat
  • Coastal pollution - from sewage and household wastes
  • Coastal pollution - from toxic wastes
  • Coastal pollution - from solid wastes
  • Sickness from Ciguatera poisoning
  • Contamination of groundwater

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