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saving our seas: an introduction to Seafriends
where have all the kingfish gone? fish can vanish
invasion of the parchment worm: an uninvited guest
bather's rash: a stinging question. What, how?
jellyfish: know them because many don't sting
sea hares: the sea hares of NZ. 
perfect storms: why are storms so damaging?
cyclone Heta: wreaking havoc on Niue Island.
to feed or not: feeding fish inside a marine reserve?
marine reserves: paradise won or lost? Introduction
shellfish collapses in NZ: really worrisome
snapper-urchin-kelp myth: scientific misadventure
octopus, smart & handy: cephalopods in NZ
sleeping fish: do fish sleep? why? how? where?
camouflage: the art of being invisible
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Kermadec Islands: a pristine marine reserve
Poor Knights Islands: NZ's best diving
Rainbow Warrior: a wreck for diving
Goat Island: NZ's first marine reserve
Niue Island: cool-tropical paradise in a gin-clear sea
habitats: introduction to marine habitats
rocky shore: principles and 400 examples
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